Some Chicken Chili For a Cold Winter’s Night

As a semester comes to a close, everyone is scurrying to get all of their work done. People spend hours at the library and in study groups getting ready for their finals. I, however, spent most of my time on Monday in the kitchen making chili for my friends.

The temperatures dropped well below freezing last night as I began to think of things I could make for a nice study break pick-me-up. I found the perfect fit with my famous chicken chili.

I started making this chili about two years ago when I was first starting to get serious about cooking. I found the recipe online, but by now my recipe bears little resemblance to the one I found just a few years ago.

This chili was one the first things that I ever made that I let my friends try. Before that I mostly cooked just for myself and sometimes for my family. My chili was the first dish that I was ever really proud of.

So, with everyone’s heads buried in textbooks, mine was hovering over cutting boards and boiling pots of chili. One of my favorite things about this chili is that once you get everything cut up and into the pot, you can just let it sit there on the stove. It takes our hours to cook but most of that time you can just sit back and relax, only getting up occasionally to stir the pot.

I got a late start so the chili wasn’t ready until around 11:45 p.m. and everyone started coming over. I was worried that people would be too tired or too busy to come over, but most of the people I invited came. They were not disappointed.

“Oh my god! This is the best chili I’ve ever had,” said Josh Carter. “So much better than the junk my parents make.”

I have to agree with Josh, it was the best chili I’ve ever made. We were later joined by my old friend Anthony Ciarnella, who had just gotten done with a study group at 12:30. He was tired, but he didn’t want to miss the chili.

“I’ve been working since 10 a.m.,” Ciarnella said. “I really should stop by here more often.”

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