Goodbye… For Now

Well folks, this is it. This is the last post I need to do for my Online Journalism class and I gotta say Im having mixed feelings about that.

I’ve really enjoyed doing this every week. Having to do posts for this blog has forced my think of new things to make and I have found a couple new dishes that I really love.

But, I also had to worry every week about if I enough groceries to make something for my blog. Then, if I didn’t, what kind of creative post I could do instead.

I will still post things here every so often, just not every week. I’m not going to stop cooking, and I’m sure people out there would like to see what I’m making (I’m talking about you Mom), so I’ll post whenever I make something good.

Thanks for all the visits, here are my greatest hits:


Chicken Tikka Masala

Corned Beef and Cabbage


Ham, Eggs & Chips

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