BREAKING NEWS– Anouncement of the 1st Annual Glassboro Gourmet Thanksgiving Spectatular

Well, my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, is less than a week away, and I figured we could start celebrating a little early. So, on Monday November, 22, The Gourmet will be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner in a super-secret location (We don’t want any crashers. That food is for me!)

It’s a bit of a potluck, so if someone comes without some food or at least some wine, they are getting thrown out. The whole point is to show that we can put on a whole Thanksgiving in our apartment at school. If we can do that, then there’s almost nothing you can’t do.

After the festivities are over I will be posting some pictures as well as some interviews with people at the dinner. I am so excited for this and not only for the fact that it means that I get TWO Thanksgiving dinners this year. I’m just excited to get all my friends together to see what they can do in the kitchen.

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