Happy Halloween Sweets

Sunday is Halloween so I thought it would be nice to feature some desserts and other sweets. I am not any good at baking and I don’t like many desserts beyond ice cream. Since I don’t want to make a fool of myself by messing up a simple dessert, here are some recipes some other blogs. Hope your sweet tooth is ready.

– It’s things like these Raspberry lemonade bars from SophistiMom that make me want to like dessert more.

– I don’t like cake at all (I know, weird right) but this cake from Omnomicon looks incredible.

– These Skull Cakes are perfect for Halloween. (From Growing Belly)

– Guinness cupcakes from SF Food Wars.

– Brownies are one of the few desserts that I, especially extra fudgy ones like the ones from The Recipe Girl.

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