Top 10 Foods at Rowan.

So, you’re stuck at Rowan and you’re either a freshman living in a dorm or you’re out of food and you can’t make your own dinner. You have to go to the Student Center and use a meal plan. What do you get? With regards to the dearly departed Chik Fila and its spicy chicken wrap, these are the 10 best foods Rowan has to offer.

10. Buffalo and Cheese Whiz French Fries- Grill Central, Marketplace- When you get your fries, put about three hearty pumps of cheese on them. Then, drizzle a bit of hot sauce over top. Stir them up and enjoy. You will thank me later.

9. Beef Burrito- Poblano’s- Don’t be fooled by the chicken. The chicken is flavorless. Get the beef with beans, cheese, sour cream and cheese on your nachos and you have yourself a delicious dinner. I just wish they were still as big as they were last year.

8. Veggie Pizza- Il Forno, Market Place– I got this the other night and I was blown away. The pizza here at Rowan has come a long way since my freshman year. The tomatoes, green peppers and onions came together really well into a really flavorful pizza. Bravo Il Forno.

7. Yella’s Submarine Wrap- Yella’s Deli, Prof’s Place- It’s Yella’s version of an Italian hoagie but I like to get its wrap version.

6. Cheeseburger- Grill Central, Marketplace- No matter what’s to eat at the caf, you can always count on the good ole’ burger. In its original form, it’s a little bland, but if you dress it up with some lettuce, tomato and onion it can be really really good. Don’t forget the buffalo cheese whiz fries though.

5. Make Your own Omelet- 360 Degrees, Marketplace- This would have made a run for the number one spot if they hadn’t inexplicably halved in size over the summer. the ham, onion and American cheese omelet was my reason for waking up early on the weekend.

4. General Tso’s Chicken- 360 Degrees, Marketplace- The is Rowan’s food version of a blockbuster. When you see a line wrap around 360 Degrees you can probably guess that they are serving General Tso’s. The reason it’s only number four on my list is that it’s not always great. Sometimes its more bread than chicken, but no matter what it’s usually delicious.

3. Buffalo Chicken Hoagie- Yella’s Deli, Prof’s Place- This is one of my go to dinners. They always give you a lot of meat and when you drizzle a little hot sauce over top of it, it’s a really well-balanced and flavorful sandwich. When you order it from the touch screen, don’t ask for the hot sauce on it, they usually put too much.

2. Chicken Noodle Soup- Insalada, Marketplace- I feel like the soups are over looked by a lot of students and it makes me sad. The soup is usually the best thing the Marketplace had to offer on any given day. There are a lot of good ones but my favorite is the chicken noodle. Get a grilled cheese to go with it and you will be in heaven.

1. Chicken Cheesesteak- Yella’s Grill, Prof’s Place- It’s greasy, fattening and it always takes too long to make, but the chicken cheese steak from Yella’s is the BEST food at Rowan and it only gets better when you put hot sauce on it.

Writing that just made me really hungry so I think I’ll go get one of those chicken cheese steaks now.

What’s your favorite food at Rowan? Leave your answer in the comments section.

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  1. mbg says:

    buffet day at the owls nest

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