Next Food Network Star Finalist Preaches Easy Cooking and Heathy Food at Rowan.

Kevin Roberts grew up in the kitchen of his family’s restaurant in California and learned from an early age about how to cook and the benefits of a well made meal. After attending college where he studied Health, Nutrition and Kinesiology, he opened several sports bars in the San Diego area. He is now the host of the TLC show BBQ Pitmasters and was a finalist on the Next Food Network Star where he competed to get his own cooking show on the channel.

On Monday, October 4, he came to Rowan to give a demonstration  to students about cooking at college, and I thought, “Perfect.” It was a great chance to hear what a professional thinks about what college students can make for themselves.

Sadly, someone must have told him that we don’t have stoves here on campus so any cooking he did was done in the microwave. He made scrambled eggs in about a minute but I think I’ll stick to making them in a pan.

The main focus of his demonstration was to promote healthy eating and specifically easy ways to make food that will replace junk food.

Because of his experience as a health major he explained that he knows the human body from the inside out and knows what’s good and what’s bad to eat. He brought along plenty of samples and even a few dozen bottles of Frank’s Red Hot hot sauce, who he is a national spokesperson for, to give out to people in the crowd who answered his health related questions.

I’m not really big into health food but once I checked out his website where he has all kinds of great looking recipes. His Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Dip looks incredible.

My favorite food of the night was his breakfast sandwich. It was a simple bagel sandwich with ham, tomato and cream cheese, and let me tell you, I will be making this once I get my hands on some fresh bagels. I’ve never thought to put cream cheese on a sandwich but it was insanely good.

The highlight of the night was the hot sauce chugging contest where the winner took home a new flavor of Frank’s Red Hot that has yet to hit the market.

One thing I hope the students who attended the demonstration learned from Kevin is that it isn’t hard to make these things. I learned that hot sauce is good on almost anything, or even just by itself

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