Time for Rowan to Start Cooking Some Real Food

Do you like food?

I know that’s a dumb question. Everyone likes food. Everyone needs food. I guess I should ask, do you like the food here at Rowan? I can tell you that I don’t. Sure they can hit home run every once in a while but it can get real old pretty fast.

Don’t you just miss having a good home cooked meal? The good news is you don’t have to go home every weekend just to get a taste of Mom’s home cooking.

Glassboro Gourmet (GG) is about the students who are making fresh, home-made meals from scratch right here at Rowan. GG will be introducing you to these people and giving a look into the world of students who are saying “NO!” to Easy-Mac and Hot Pockets.

I’m going to find out why they are saying no and where they leaned how to cook their favorite meals. You will get all the recipes as well as the stories behind them. Food is great at bringing people together, because after all, who doesn’t love food?

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